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Sunday Showdown

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We're going to try out the Kimbers on Sunday afternoon. We'll be using iron sights and shooting at 50 yards. We are mostly just testing different types of ammo, but we always get a little competitive!
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... watch out for the 'ol guys!! I be one of them!!
jbpmidas said:
Am I going to have to vote for myself so I don't get shutout?
.. or recruit some of the other youngsters on here to vote!!
Instead of a poll regarding who is going to win ... I think I may starting taking some friendly bets on event!! :lol: Wonder shat kind of odds I need to spot the "young one"?

All kidding aside: Ya'll have fun!!
jbpmidas said:
Since he's been shooting 30 years longer than I have, give me 30:1! I'll place a bet with those odds!
It is good to see that you are learning something from this and beginning to respect your elders!! With that, the Sgt Maj just might ease up a little on you tomorrow!! :evil:
Sure is nice to be able to edit a post!!!!!!!!!
jbpmidas said:
Now my post makes no sense!
I told ya!! Got to watch out for us OLD guys!! ... even when you are right, you will be wrong when dealing with an OLD guy!!
Well it looks as if the Sgt Maj showed some mercy and let you slide this time!! :lol: That is what Sgt Maj's do, develope and tutor the inexperienced!!

BTW: that is some fine shooting you did there with open sights.

Now, when is the "shoot-out?"
22RF can be FUN!! I have found a new love!!
jbpmidas said:
Well said Capt! I can say the same for myself and SGMJody!

We talked a little bit today about trying to host a 22F-Class match in Starkville in the spring. Hope to start my research next Tuesday.
Ya'll get it organized and I bet you will get a showing from down this way!!
1 - 9 of 61 Posts
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