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Sunday Showdown

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We're going to try out the Kimbers on Sunday afternoon. We'll be using iron sights and shooting at 50 yards. We are mostly just testing different types of ammo, but we always get a little competitive!
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Sure is nice to be able to edit a post!!!!!!!!!
Just hide his ammo and blame it on his old age
Now my post makes no sense!
jbpmidas said:
Now my post makes no sense!
I told ya!! Got to watch out for us OLD guys!! ... even when you are right, you will be wrong when dealing with an OLD guy!!
My life's story. My dad always says," My mistake, your error."

Took me a LONG time to figure out what he was really saying!
I had a terrible morning at the range. First of all, I got to the range wanting to shoot my Savage BAS-K. When I got everything set up, I looked in my 4-runner to get the rifle out and I had mistakenly (senior moment, we are allowed those) loaded my Kimber instead. Well, .308 ammo don't shoot too well in the Kimber but I decided I would look for ammo anyway. I looked and I had mistakenly loaded up my match .22 ammo (another senior moment that we are allowed). Oh well, I thought. I may as well shoot it anyway, even though I really don't need the practice, I should check the zero on the iron sights. Terrible target at 50 yds with open sights (pictured below). So, as you can see, I'm gonna have to do better tomorrow.

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Maybe I should cast my vote for SGMJody!!!!!

Which ammo?
I just realized, I may have a cough coming on!!:)
Don't remember which ammo I was using. It was very difficult holding the rifle on my right shoulder and aligning the sights in the mirror. The rifle is heavy. If I had put it on my left shoulder, then all of the shots would have probably been X's. I may try that tomorrow.
Careful, it's tough to shoot while toting too big of an ego!!!!
With all the BS aside, the rifle shot pretty good. I had a time with the sight adjustments. 1/5 MOA clicks. I shot some of the white box Olin match I have had for several years. It shot fair, nothing outside the ten after I got the sights close. Next was Eley Match black box. It was a big improvement over the old white box I started with. It shot very good. Next and last was the Wolf match extra. That is what I shot the pictured target with. I didn't try the Eley TenX. Both the Eley Match and the Wolf Xtra were equal in the group size. With open sights there's no way to really tell which one is the best. The wind was a slight factor but after I got the rifle halfway zeroed, there were no shots outside the ten ring. These rifles shoot very, very well and will probably outshoot 999 out of 1000 shooters who pull the trigger, including yours truly. I love shooting a super accurate rifle and this is one of them.
Maybe I'm THE ONE!!!

Can't wait to try it either way!
We're going to have to mount our scopes to get a really good picture of ammo accuracy. But I already knew that and I am like you, I was ready to see what it would do. I am very satisfied with the rifle.
Looks like we have another convert Captain-03!

Been telling u guys...them Kimbers are good to go

good shooting...especially backwards holding a mirror....


Tell Santa Clause to bring ya one!
I'm getting hooked on accuracy more and more! This is going to be FUN!
Great shooting SGMJody. OH YES, the youngster is in TROUBLE tomorrow.......... :)

When you guys get the scopes mounted, move out to 100yds.

midas, what Jody didn't tell you...... He shot that group Standing Offhand................. :)

You guys should video the "challenge" tomorrow. I would buy a copy just to see all the trash talk between you both.....

We're not as bad in person. But, we really enjoy shooting together and ragging on each other a little bit. You'll have to ask him about all the work he put into the wrong rifle!!!
It's go time. Today is the day.

No more "in yo' face" talk.

Paper don't lie.

Voting is personal, so not saying how I voted.

How I see this going down:

JBPMidas shows up in the new shirt from CMP to show he's been to the gun store. Not thinking about the cold and wind.

SGMJody shows up dressed for the weather, compliments JBPMidas on the nice shirt.
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Good thing we're shooting at my house so I can quickly redress in an appropriate manner!

I'm kind of nervous. I woke up with "Rocky" music playing in my head!
Well, we did some shooting today but no match. jbp shot about 5 different brands in his Kimber. He shot Rem Target, CMP Centurian, Rem Eley Target, Wolf Extra, and Tenex. As a whole all of them shot decent. There were only a couple of 9 ring shots, which he called, but in his rifle, the CMP ammo seemed to shoot the best. After he shot, he discovered a loose front sight assembly which could explain some groups dispersed within the 10 ring. I fired 10 shots of Wolf Extra to confirm a sight change that I made after I left the range yesterday. I had perfect sight pictures but my group was dispersed more than I thought they should be for the sight pictures that I was getting. Checked my front sight assembly and it was tight but the rear ring that holds the insert in place had loosened and the insert was free floating. We had fun anyway. I could tell that he really enjoyed shooting the Kimber but we both need to mount our scopes to get a true picture of the amazing accuracy of these rifles. Then we will have our match.
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