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Sunday Showdown

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We're going to try out the Kimbers on Sunday afternoon. We'll be using iron sights and shooting at 50 yards. We are mostly just testing different types of ammo, but we always get a little competitive!
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Well, I waited for SGMJody to post because I couldn't have resisted the urge to come up with reasons we couldn't compete. Truth is, I was not shooting my best, but I learned I have alot of learning to do shooting iron sights. I had a ball! That Kimber trigger is really sweet! I had a couple decent groups, but nothing to touch his from yesterday. I should get a scope for Christmas, then we'll stretch it out to 100. I'll probably try it at 100 with irons.
Here are the 2 best groups I got. Keep in mind I was shooting 50 yards with iron sights. This was my first time shooting like this. Like SGMJody said, I found an issue with my sights after I was done shooting. Some of the ammo was giving me two distinct groups and this could have been the culprit. Either that or I was not getting a consistent cheek weld. Like I said I have a lot of learning to do to shoot these types of sights well!

First, the ammo I bought at CMP. It was $35.00 for the brick. I was pleased with the accuracy for the money.

Next is the Remington Target. It is manufactured by Eley. I bought it at BassPro in Leeds, AL. It was over $8.00 for one box.

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NICE shooting with iron sights. That CMP ammo seems to be some good stuff.............

To be 1/2 the price of the other, I would say it is a great value. I am going to shoot more of it. You can save $5.00 per brick by buying by the case.
Hey SGMJody the eley match in the black box what color label is on it? All the eley I've seen is in a black box. Match has a pinkish label, pistol was white I think and so on.
I believe it had a black label. The Tenex had a red label.
Well it looks as if the Sgt Maj showed some mercy and let you slide this time!! :lol: That is what Sgt Maj's do, develope and tutor the inexperienced!!

BTW: that is some fine shooting you did there with open sights.

Now, when is the "shoot-out?"
I have learned alot about shooting from him!!!!

We'll let him decide on the shootout. He seems to take it pretty hard when I out shoot him, so we need to wait until he's up to the task!
jbpmidas said:
Here are the 2 best groups I got.
Lookin' good to me.

I may have missed it but you need to post a picture of the gun. OK?

sigma - I'm from the old school of competetive shooters. When we referred to Eley ammo we referred to label color and didn't get to the actual color of the basic box that it was packaged in i.e.
Red Box = tenex
Black box = match
Blue box = team
Orange box = club
Green box = sport

jbpmidas - I've got icewater in my veins when it comes to shooting. Every top shooter has been beaten by a rank amateur at one time or other and they take it in stride. I don't take it hard when you outshoot me, the one or two times that has happened, I just get aggravated at myself because I taught you so well. However, I haven't taught you everything yet. When we get the scopes mounted, we'll shoot, so be prepared to lose. Remember, during competetion, you can shoot all the "come back" shots you want but they still count.
Got a temporary scope on. Hope to get the 8-32 BSA scope for Christmas. We hope to do some serious load testing tomorrow.

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Did some load testing today and a SMALL match. My scope and ring combo barely had enough elevation to get me on paper at 50 yards. My aiming point was the sighter box and my point of impact was at the bottom of the targets. My scope is a Bushnell 4-12x40AO. It has a fine reticle which I find useful for this type of shooting.

First up, Remington Target. This was @ $3.50 per box at Bass Pro. It's cheap and it shows!

Next is the ammo from CMP. I had high hopes for this but they went unrealized!

This is the money performer. Main group was the smallest of all, but that DURN FLYER! I think SGMJody kicked the bench on that shot! This is Wolf Match Extra.

Then we have Remington Target by Eley. It's not bad, but it performed better a week earlier with iron sights.

We're getting to the high dollar stuff. So, you'd expect better performances, OF COURSE!!!! I hate being poor!
This is Eley Black Box Match.

And finally, we have arrived. Here is THE Elet Tenex. Why does it have to be $20 per box???? WHY???!!!

Here is my first attempt at prone shooting. Actually this was the second group. The first group was slightly larger. I was shooting off of bags and SGMJody's mat. The ammo was Wolf Match Extra. Distance is still 50 yards as I couldn't get on paper at 100.

Now on we go the SMALL match! I had to shoot SGMJody's gun and scope for reasons listed above. Ammo was Eley Tenex and the distance was 100 yards. These were shot from the sled.
SGMJody's first:

And, the winner is:

I beat him by 1 point! Oddly enough, they both measured the same for group size. I measured them at 1.2910". SGMJody measured them slightly smaller, but still the exact same size. Admittedly, I caught SGMJody on a good day (bad for him). I can't wait to try the other rifle at 100 with the BSA scope!
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22RF can be FUN!! I have found a new love!!
Well said Capt! I can say the same for myself and SGMJody!

We talked a little bit today about trying to host a 22F-Class match in Starkville in the spring. Hope to start my research next Tuesday.
jbpmidas said:
Well said Capt! I can say the same for myself and SGMJody!

We talked a little bit today about trying to host a 22F-Class match in Starkville in the spring. Hope to start my research next Tuesday.
Ya'll get it organized and I bet you will get a showing from down this way!!
I hope! I'll be in touch with you for more information when we get started.
EXCELLENT shooting ! ! ! Those groups even make X-Ring have second thoughts............. :)

Hey, I know why you had the flyer on that target...... The bullet hit a flying BUG on the way there. DAMN bugs.............

As stated earlier, a 22 F-Class match at Starkville in the Spring would be nice. Just don't pick the 1st Saturday in March. That is a "planned" big day at Magnolia.............

It will depend on my schedule. I will get with some of you before hand to help plan the event. Some of you have put on these before that were successful.
That's some nice shooting from both of y'all.
JBPMidas' rifle shot some good groups yesterday. He had the smallest group at 50 yards with the Tenex ammo. Something surprising was that some of the ammo that shot good with open sights Sunday didn't fair as well yesterday using the scope sights and some of the ammo that didn't do as well Sunday with open sights did fairly well yesterday using scope sights. I was very satisfied with my Tasco 10-40x50 scope except it gets a little hazy on higher powers at 100 yds. I was very disappointed that JBPMidas' scope mounting didn't work. A set of cheap $10 mounts, $200 worth of labor trying to get them mounted correctly and it still didn't work. We've mounted two scopes on two Kimbers using two completely different mounts and neither scope had enough elevation to zero at 50 yards. I don't suppose any of you Kimber shooters on this forum have had this problem?
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