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Just curious if anyone has a link to some places that make covers for a suppressor? Have seen a few.... seem pricey for a velcro 'pad' but maybe that's just the going price. What do you have? What do you like and not like about it? What would you buy now?

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Why do you want a cover for a rifle suppressor? Takes longer for them to cool down. Use a padded glove to remove.

Nomex suppressor covers are meant for SMGs in which you hold the suppressor to shoot (ie: MACs).

Handgun suppressors are like rifle suppressors.... use a padded glove.


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Suppressor covers serve many of the same purposes on subguns as they do on rifles. Additionally the mirage generated from the extreme heat makes a rifle suppressor cover a must on precession rifles using scopes.

A rifle suppressor can easily reach 800 degrees or more if a hundred rounds are fired in rapid succession so heat becomes a real factor. Heck after 15-20 rounds of 5.56 you won't be removing the can and packing it away without some kind of protection. I'd guess that half of the rifle cans manufactured today have threaded mounts as opposed to utilizing a three lug or quick detach type mount. It's important to give the can a quick tighten check every 10-20 rounds to avoid baffle strikes if you have a threaded mount, and unless you're wearing a think nomex glove or have a can cover, that'll be impossible to accomplish. If you think a rifle barrel gets hot, grab a hot can!

Protects you, your can, and your equipment. Designed to prevent mirage from obscuring your site picture after multiple shots. Eliminating mirage is accomplished by the use of insulating materials - your can heats up, but the SAS stays cool. The outer shell of the TAB SAS will not heat up so your equipment and person will not become damaged with accidental or intentional contact. Removal and handling of your can, while inside the TAB SAS, immediately after firing is possible due to the high quality insulating materials used in the construction.
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