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  1. scott511

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    I believe I've narrowed it down to two:
    Saker 762 ASR and Octane 45 2.0
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    I saw a couple things in the past page I highly disagree with.

    Pistol cans are very useful. I often run one in competition shooting 3 gun or IPSC. Sometimes when out playing it's also nice to not have foam stuffed in your ears. I have been known to have a can on a pistol for HD. I'd rather not obliterated my ears in the house if I ever have to use it.

    There are quite a few suppressor friendly holsters. I use a race holster with a can. Works great!

    I went with a Hybrid. Big bore rated, I can run 45, 45-70, 458 through it as well as any precision rifle I'll ever own (except 50BMG), it's FA rated and rated for short barrels on rifle calibers with limits. If I want to make it "small bore" I can just put a smaller end cap on it. I don't even bother. If running supers it's still quieter than the crack of the bullet and with subs it's pretty giggle worthy. 165gr 9mm is ridiculously quiet out of it.

    I am not a fan of ASR. I've had it seize on my rifle too many times. It doesn't like to come off if warm. It cannot be used under a handguard. It requires 2 separate actions to lock it down. The more I use ASR the less positive the locking feels. I've started going to the DeadAir KeyMount. One handed, don't have to think about remembering to lock it in, goes under handguards, have never had it seize on a rifle yet. Cleaning the interfacing surfaces on your mount and brake is important.

    I don't think you can go wrong with a Saker or an Octane. Any reason you are not looking at the Chimera?
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  3. scott511

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    Thanks to everyone for their advice.
    I did make a purchase. Got the Saker 762 ASR and Octane 45 2.0
    GunsnGear in Madison helped me out a great deal.
    Since I am currently out of the country everything has to be done by phone
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    Take him up Scott.
  5. Jester1985

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    I own an omega and a hybrid 46.

    Hybrid goes on my PCC and large caliber and the omega goes on everything else
  6. scott511

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    Ok I need purchasing advice.
    Please allow me to explain.
    I am currently in Afganistan and I am scheduled to come home in late July. I wanted to take advantage of the Silencerco SPEQ pricing so I had to go through one of their authorized dealers.
    So I purchased the Saker 762 and Octane 45 from them over the phone. I paid for the cans and the stamps. They are going to send me fingerprint cards to get done here, and the form 4's for me to sign. This will result in the purchase being "individual"
    Now I find out that to add them to a trust after the fact, 2 more stamps have to be paid. Is there any way to get them on a trust without going through the kiosk?
    The other option is to wait until I come home and then just use the kiosk.
    Anyone have any advice?
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  7. 95 taco

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    Yes, the form 4 paperwork can be changed to a trust, you’ll need a revocable living trust to be setup, I personally used Stephen Stamboulieh, he used to be active on here as @2ALawyer but I’m not sure how active he is these days.
    Once you get the trust setup (Stephen will walk you through it and it will be easy as long as you have a notary on base) all you do is give the trust paperwork to the dealer to be enclosed with the form 4.
    If you don’t have a notary on base another option would be for your wife to setup the trust and purchase the suppressors and then add you to the trust once you’re stateside.
  8. scott511

    scott511 Distinguished Poster

    I'm pretty sure we have a notary here. So you're saying I can get someone from back home to set up the trust, get it notarized here, and send it back to the dealer with the form 4's? I'm assuming the person setting up the trust would need the serial numbers of the cans.
    That sounds a lot better to me.

    Thank you sir
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  9. 95 taco

    95 taco Blessed are the peacemakers

    It’s been a while since I set up my trust (almost 5 years) but yes, the trust can be setup and you can sign/notarize on your side of the world and it will be a valid trust.
    You will not need the info for new NFA items, instead you will place a “normal” (non NFA) firearm in the trust, (I used one of my AR’s that I later SBR’d), to “fund” the trust.

    I’ll send you a PM of the email that I have giving a rough overview explaining the trust.
  10. DC7

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    Just to add a few more options for you.

    I used Patrick Stegall out of Memphis based on a recommendation from a friend. He handles NFA trusts in MS and TN.


    You can also purchase gun trusts online. These are cheaper ($50-100) than going with a local lawyer (~$300-500) but may not give you as much peace of mind. A local lawyer will usually service your trust if there are any changes to the laws. Chances are no one will ever see it outside of the ATF when they complete your paperwork, though.

    National Firearms Act NFA Gun Trust
    NFA Gun Trust

    Like taco said, answer a few questions, the lawyer or website will fill in the blanks on their standard trust document, sign it and get notarized, and you're good to go.
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  11. scott511

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    Per 95 taco's advice above, I contacted Mr. Stephen Stamboulieh. We had an interesting phone conversation. To put it short, he recommended against a trust.
    I will be filing individual.
  12. DC7

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    I'd be interested in hearing his reasoning if you have time. Was it for your particular situation or just in general?
  13. Paw-Paw

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    :yeah: I am very surprised at this.
  14. scott511

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    My concern was someone else having access to NFA items in my absence. I was told if they were locked up it satisfied the requirement of being "in my possession"
    He basically said that originally they were done to bypass CLEO sign off, fingerprints, and such. As far as transferring after I pass, it can be done with our without a trust.
    I guess it seems as though the trust really would only be helpful if you WANTED someone to be in possession of your NFA's in your absence.
    He said he'd be glad to take my money and do one if I wanted, but really unnecessary.
  15. Redlick83

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    Interesting as I was told if your wife had access to the key or knew the combo to the safe she was considered to be in possession.
  16. scott511

    scott511 Distinguished Poster

    Yeah, I thought that as well. But hey, all I can say is what I was told.
    I'm going to file individual