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Suppressor host pics and some other toys

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Here are a few pictures of some of my suppressor hosts and my Trident 9: Sig P226, HK P30, Glock 19, H&R .357/,.38 handi rifle

I will have pics of my 9mm AR, Glock 26, and 9mm T/C contender soon too

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Man...... I hope OPD doesn't find you..... :)

VERY NICE collection of goodies ! ! !

Back around 1976 while at Ole Miss, I took my AR-15 out to Sardis (the road that goes past the airport and keeps going all the way to the back water area). Back then it was a dirt road not too far past the airport and had a creek on the way that had MANY 22RF, 9mm and 223 bullets placed there by............

The 2 main things I remember that day shooting at the Sardis back water area was..... 1. There was an old concrete structure of some type about 100yds out. When the 223 bullets hit it they would send big plumes of concrete dust flying. 2. A tracer round skipped off something and went sailing off in a beautiful arc over Sardis.....

The creek I remember (shot there a bunch) was about half way between the airport and Sardis. It was a small creek and we would walk along it shooting at stuff. Heck, it might be in a neighborhood now...............

Yeah, I put a few of those craters in that concrete structure..... :)

Another funny story that happened at the back water. Went parking one night with a girl I met at a frat party. Pulled to the water's edge and proceeded to fog up the windows.... :) We fell asleep for a few hours and when we awoke, my car was surrounded by water. The water line was now about 30 feet behind my car. Only a few inches deep so it was easy to back out. But that was a BIG surprize....


1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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