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What is Mississippi's law regarding suppressors?
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Your section B answers your question. It says "ALL" such instruments. The code is also printed on the form you fill out for the device, that the lady got off of the top shelf in the permit office. She gave me plenty, and I have since turned mine back in to be on the safe side. Hand delivered.
keithinvestigations said:
I made copies of mine and sent them certified. If you didn't get the lady to sign for them it may be just as bad as sending them first class mail. I wanted some kind of confirmation and my return certified card is my get out of jail card. I wonder if anyone has ever been prosecuted over this law.

That's probably a good idea since the woman would not sign for mine. When I asked her for a reciept, of recieving the paperwork she says "wee don't gib no re'seats out".
I said fine and left hoping for the best.
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1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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