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Swedish m42/ag42? Ljungman rifles

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Do any of you have a Swedish ag42 Ljungman rifle and what kind of compitition can I shoot mine in. I am new at this so please excuse my ignorance. My Ljugman is about mint and should be a good compition gun. Thanks
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I was doing some research on the gun and it was imported by Century Arms International, St. Albins, Vermont, USA. in 1987.
I putchased it in the early 90's for $190.00. I sure miss the days of cheap Mil-Surp. my swedish M-96 and M-38 where $100.00 each.
I will as soon as i get a new camera. also I just notices there is not a brass disk in the stock. there not even a place to put one. Blueing is about 99%, stock is blond and like new.
Yes, I love anything 6.5x55 The swedish got it right when they made that round
Yeah its getting a little harder to find. but there is still plenty on line and at gun shows
Do you know if M 1 Garand shoots I have read about on here are for just for M 1 Garands. The Ljungman Is the swedish version of the M 1 Garand.
Cool Thats great M1GarandFan. I will try and make it. I need to get some 6.5x55 match ammo. What different rifles can compete.
Thanks doug Yes I have experianced the Ljungman thumb when i first got the rifle and its no laughing matter. as I said earlier in the post I have a M96, M38 as well as the Ljungman. and love them all. I have been into old military Rifles all my life, I also have a MK1 and Mk4 enfields, a K98, a russain sks and mosian sniper. I dont know if it is real or a reproduction I purchased it in the mid 1990s I dont know if they where making reproductions then I only paid $150 for it at a pawn shop. I would like a copy of you book how much are they.
Yes the Hakim was based on the Ljungman and I have also heard the gas system on the M16/AR15 was based on the Ljungman but I'm not sure about that.
Thanks for the offer but no thanks, LOL. One advantage of buying these old guns years ago is the right to brag about how little we paid for them. God I miss those days. SKS's for $69.00 AK"s for $90.00 AR's for $200.00. If only I knew I would have invested in guns and I would be a rich man.
@ doug
You have seen more Ljungmans than most. Have you ever seen one without the brass disk. I have looked online and have not found and info on one with out it.
Mine is a AG-42b and it is 6.5x55. a B is stamped into the left side of the receiver after the serial number , the dust cover (I guess thats what its called)and the rear sight are also stamped with a B. It does have the rubber buffer. On the right side of the receiver there is S.S. stamped into it. It is dated 1943. If this was an unissued rifle could it be missing the disk, thats what I"m thinking as the stock is like new with the exception of a few small dents next to the trigger on the left side. This rifle is like new. almost no wear, all matching numbers, Blueing 99%,
FYI. I sent an E-mail to century arms to see if they have any records of selling unissued AG-42b. Its worth a try.
I have never heard of a mil-surp rifle that someone could know the inspectors name. Way cool Doug
Reply from Centurey arms.
The conditions they are sold in usually vary, but we do not list them in that particular condition. If it was in mint condition the best condition we usually list is excellent condition, which is as close to new or unissued condition as surplus rifles get.
I found that there are a few examples of AG-42b without the brass disk. This is from someone that also has one with out the disk

"I also have an AG42B with no inlet for a stock disc. Comparing it to my other AG42B with a stock disc, it appears to be entirely correct. I've heard of only 2 or 3 with no disc inlet, but I imagine there are more"
I guess I'm bring the Ljungman to the Lyman gun show.
I took the Ljudgman for a walk around the lyman gun show. There sure was alot of interest in the old girl. The most common comment was " I'v heard about these but I never saw one"
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