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Swedish m42/ag42? Ljungman rifles

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Do any of you have a Swedish ag42 Ljungman rifle and what kind of compitition can I shoot mine in. I am new at this so please excuse my ignorance. My Ljugman is about mint and should be a good compition gun. Thanks
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Nope, you can bring that rifle to a Garand Match at Magnolia Rifle & Pistol Club and compete with it. I don't have ammo available to sell for that rifle though. Bring out to the match we're having on March 19th :thumbup: and give it a try. :gun:
Any military-style rifle can be used in the Garand Matches (i.e. M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, 1903 Springfields, M1a/M14, AR-15s, etc). They just have to have iron sites on them. Here link with detailed information about it:


1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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