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Swedish m42/ag42? Ljungman rifles

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Do any of you have a Swedish ag42 Ljungman rifle and what kind of compitition can I shoot mine in. I am new at this so please excuse my ignorance. My Ljugman is about mint and should be a good compition gun. Thanks
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When I had a gun shop I had 12 of the AG-42B rifles. I fired them with Swedish Ball and reloaded ammo. I found them very accurate. Capable of close to MOA at 200 yards from the prone with sling. One thing you need to be careful of, the dreaded Ljungman Thumb. Twice as bad as an M1 Thumb.

I wrote a book about Swedish Service Rifles "Neutrality through Marksmanship". I have copies available. There is a LOT of shooting and reloading info in my book.

Doug Bowser
samiam said:
@ doug
You have seen more Ljungmans than most. Have you ever seen one without the brass disk. I have looked online and have not found and info on one with out it.
I believe the AG-42 not the B model was made without the disk. There are other differences such as the absence of the Gummi-Puffer (Rubber Buffer) on the bolt carrier cover, to prevent denting the empty cases as they are ejected. It was important for the brass to be kept in good condition as the Home Guard had their empty brass reloaded by Norma.

Also Madsen made Ljungman style rifles and they were made in .30-06, 7x57mm and other military calibers. The Swedes converted some AG-42B rifles to 7.62x51 NATO but only on a test rifle basis. The AG42B was designed by Erik Eklund in Sweden.

S.S. is the inspector's initials. Stem Stemno. There are also AG-42 and 42-B's inspected by G.B.: G. Bjorenstam.

The US Military firearms have initials stamped on them, such as FJA or Franklin Jamison Attwood. He inspected 1903-A3 rifles, and 1911 pistols and some machine guns during WW2.

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