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Swedish m42/ag42? Ljungman rifles

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Do any of you have a Swedish ag42 Ljungman rifle and what kind of compitition can I shoot mine in. I am new at this so please excuse my ignorance. My Ljugman is about mint and should be a good compition gun. Thanks
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FYI. I sent an E-mail to century arms to see if they have any records of selling unissued AG-42b. Its worth a try.
S.S. is the inspector's initials. Stem Stemno. There are also AG-42 and 42-B's inspected by G.B.: G. Bjorenstam.

I have never heard of a mil-surp rifle that someone could know the inspectors name. Way cool Doug
The US Military firearms have initials stamped on them, such as FJA or Franklin Jamison Attwood. He inspected 1903-A3 rifles, and 1911 pistols and some machine guns during WW2.

Reply from Centurey arms.
The conditions they are sold in usually vary, but we do not list them in that particular condition. If it was in mint condition the best condition we usually list is excellent condition, which is as close to new or unissued condition as surplus rifles get.
I found that there are a few examples of AG-42b without the brass disk. This is from someone that also has one with out the disk

"I also have an AG42B with no inlet for a stock disc. Comparing it to my other AG42B with a stock disc, it appears to be entirely correct. I've heard of only 2 or 3 with no disc inlet, but I imagine there are more"
I guess I'm bring the Ljungman to the Lyman gun show.
I took the Ljudgman for a walk around the lyman gun show. There sure was alot of interest in the old girl. The most common comment was " I'v heard about these but I never saw one"
Need to take apart a 6.5×55 Ljungman M42B magazine to clean it

Need to find out how to take apart a 6.5×55 Swedish, Ljungman M42B
 rifle magazine to clean it, w/o damaging it.

Can anyone help ?
Sure. Very easy to do.
Remove the magazine by squeezing the rifle mounted lever at the rear of the magazine & the spring loaded catch mounted on the front of the magazine.
Notice the magazine floorplate is secured by two tabs. One fore, & one aft.
Look at the rear of the magazine.
You should see a rivet. Below the rivet is an oval depression just above the rear locking tab for the floorplate.
Using a tool, put pressure on (depress) the spring in the oval depression that is secured by the above rivet.
This will cause the rear locking tab to withdraw from the rear slot in the floorplate allowing the floorplate to swing clear.
Got it?
Did that help?
A 2x4 for an anvil, a few lengths of oak dowel for chisels , a large rubber mallet,  and 10 minutes later...
Easy as cake!
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