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SWGC F-Class Match Pics

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We had a great turnout at the last match weather was great just some wind to deal with.
I appologize for not being much of a photographer. It's hard to take pics and run the match also, however here are a few pics from the last 2 matches.

The firing line

Looking down range

In the pits

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To bad you couldn't get a good pic of the wind. Like one of the chairs blowing over, or my spotting scope blowing over, or my shots getting blown into the 8 ring. :thinking:

I did notice this weekend that it would probably be a good idea for a new shooter to go down to the pits for a while before shooting in a match. :smile:
Unlimited sighters for first time shooters. 5 for return shooters
20 rounds for score

two more sighters
20 rounds for score

If you do the team match you will need 2 sighters and 20 more rounds

So the min # rounds is 47 and if you stay for the team match then it is 69.
He shoots a .308. Pimped out blue stock and MASSIVE bipod. He's the guy with the shinny head in the 3rd pic. That is probably the most common caliber. .308 and .223 are in the FTR division. FTO is dominated by 6 and 6.5mm guns.

Lots of people on the national level shoot .284 variants ie .284, 7WSM, 7/300WSM
The rules can vary from location to location. In Tn this weekend they shot 15 round strings so.......
I call dibs on NOT being in the same relay as a 300 atlas!!
While it always good to be concerned about other shooters and their abilities I really just don't want to be next to 70+grains of Retumbo going off 20-25 times. :blol:
1 - 6 of 29 Posts
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