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SWGC F-Class Match Pics

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We had a great turnout at the last match weather was great just some wind to deal with.
I appologize for not being much of a photographer. It's hard to take pics and run the match also, however here are a few pics from the last 2 matches.

The firing line

Looking down range

In the pits

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Where was this match held? Id love to go watch.
X-Ring said:
*The targets are at the base of the tree line under the arrow, you can see a little light colored area.
*I snapped the pictures during the 3 min. prep period everyone is adjusting there scope and getting everything setup. There is no firing during this time so ECI's are still in the chambers.
* The matches are held just a little south of you at Bogue Chitto,
Man the heck with watching come on out and shoot. It is the 4th
Saturday of each month.
Im still workin on a load for my .270. If i can get it down to a 2moa at 600 id be happy!
How many rounds are fired?
I need more pratice.... id be lucky to hit the paper right now.
What kinda groups are you guys shootin with those fancy guns?
I was able to shoot a little over 6" group at 500yds with my 270.
Hum. I doubt my poor lil rifle would do that. Ill sure give it a try tho.
I might come out and just shoot, If i can hit it a few times ill be happy with my factory gun.
Im gonna set up some targets at 600 this weekend and see what i can do. If i can hit it, :lol4: , ill come out to the match and join you guys.
So if i do want to shoot my .270 ill be put in the Open class?
X-Ring said:
We do have a sport rifle class if we have a couple of people to shoot in it. Basically it is for hunting rifles less the heavy barrels
and high powered scopes I don't have the weight restriction with me at this time but will check for you. Rest or bipods either are Ok in that class. We normally cut the round count down for that class to keep them from heating there sporter barrels up to much. So if we can get 2 we will have the class.
Thats cool, Mine is a cheapo R700 SPS with the pencil barrel.
So i can bring my home made sand bags and use them?
I dunno a think about this kinda shoot as you can tell.
1 - 9 of 29 Posts
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