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SWGC F-Class Practice Feb. 26th

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We will have a practice match on Saturday the 26th. Please arrive no later than 8:30am first shots will be fired at 9:00. There is a $10.00 range fee for this event. For those who have been thinking about trying F-Class this
will be a good day to try, this is a practice match and most will be glad to help get you going in the right direction. Our regular season starts in March. The flier for the year is below.

Southwest Gun Club, Inc.
PO Box 1061 McComb, MS 39649
NRA Club # C1149 DCM Club # Y35005

600 Yard Prone/ F-Class Rifle Match
3-26, 4-23, 5-28, 6-25, 7-23, 8-27, 9-24, 10-22 & 10-23, 2011

When: Signup 8:00 to 8:30 AM, shooting starts at 9:00 AM
Location: Burn’s Range, Bogue Chitto , Ms (see map on back)

This is a NRA Sanctioned League; points will be accumulated and reported at end of league for national ranking. League points will be accumulated from each match for overall class winners.
All shooting is done from prone position. Each shooter will fire 3 x 15 round strings for record at 600 yards. A maximum of five sighting shots can be used during the first string (if a competitor is not on target within the sighters they will not be allowed to continue fire). Second and third strings will allow a maximum of 2 sighting shots. Squadding will be a conventional three relay rotation. All shooters will be required to score and perform pit duties.

Maximum weight including attachments 22 lbs, bipod or rest may be used along with rear bag (not inc. in wt), telescope of any power, .35 caliber maximum.
Maximum weight including attachments 18.18 lbs, bipod only along with rear bag (rear bag not inc. in wt), telescope of any power, unmodified .223 REM & .308 WIN calibers only.
CONVENTIAL: Metallic sights, sling, NRA Fullbore Prone Rifle Rules Section 3 apply
Maximum weight including bipod 16.5 lbs, Any caliber up to .35 maximum, 26” barrel length maximum, Repeater actions only, Scope power 25x maximum, Firing from folding leg commercially manufactured bipod only no rear rest or bag, bare or gloved fist for rear support only.
Empty chamber indicators required all classes

Course of Fire:
600 yards: 5 sighters in 5 minutes time limit on MR-1FC target
1. 15 shots 15 minutes on MR-1FC (MR-1 Conventional)Target 600 yards for record
600 yards: 2 sighters in 2 minutes time limit on MR-1FC target
2. 15 shots 15 minutes on MR-1FC (MR-1 Conventional)Target 600 yards for record
600 yards: 2 sighters in 2 minutes time limit on MR-1FC target
3. 15 shots 15 minutes on MR-1FC (MR-1 Conventional)Target 600 yards for record
4. Aggregate is score of match 1, 2, & 3

Fees: $20.00 for adults, $15.00 for SWGC members. One time NRA league fee of $7.000

Southwest Gun Club’s Burns Range at Bogue Chitto, MS., Exit I-55 at Bogue Chitto (Exit 30), drive East through town, cross over the railroad tracks and continue to the first crossroad (Pricedale Road), turn left and go 100 yards to Hunter Road, turn right and drive approximately 2.2 miles, look for orange F-CLASS sign at turn.
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Hey neck bring old blue out I know it will shoot!!!! :lol4:
:woohoo: looks like we have a bunch of shooters coming Saturday!!!!
I agree Jimbo, a very good turnout. Match went really smooth considering we had that many new shooters. The wind made it a very interesting afternoon. It was good to see everyone back out. I think we will have a great season this year, we are growing with every match.
jbpmidas said:
Can we see some results?
X-Ring will post scores when he gets a chance :.
Hey Neck its easy to score when you shootin all X's and 10's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol4:
Paul Baucum said:
sorry I missed it, a lady decided my rear bumper on my truck was in the wrong location, she thought it needed to be above my spare tire... luckly no one was hurt
Glad to hear that no one was hurt, did this happen on the way to the match?
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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