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T/C Venture opinion

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I am looking around some and saw a decent price on a TC Venture bolt-action. I know everyone loves the Savages and Rem 700's. What is the general opinion on the TC Venture? I have a 700 that I like, and a Ruger 77 I don't really like, so I was leaning toward the 700 until I read all the Savage good news. This would be for deer hunting, and I am looking for another 7MM-08.
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Come on- nobody is going to weigh in? I am interested in anyone's experience with them, please.
Thanks, Jaybob. It seems like a good deal and feels good. Might get it
I just bought one, will post my opinion when I get it to the range.
I have one in 7-08 and it is really nice. My Ruger M77 in the same caliber doesn't hold a candle to the TC. I reloaded some ammo after dusting off my Dillon, getting all geared up, and it shot a 1/2" group at 100 yards with 140 gr bullets. Now i am going to try some 120 gr Barnes reloads and see what i can cook up.
I am seriously thinking about getting a second one now. With what you save, you can get a better scope. Mine is a Leupold VXII 3-9, and the next may be a higher powered scope. The targets seem to be getting smaller as I get older.
How do you post pictures on here?
I shot some different 7-08 loads in the Ruger and Venture yesterday, and the same results- Venture tack driver, Ruger not good. I want to try the Ruger with a lead sled to see if it really is the rifle, or me. I think it may be the scope. It's a BSA and I don't like it either. I just don't want to swap scopes and have it still shoot poorly.
I have taken some deer at 225 or so. I suppose I might shoot 300, but it would have to be a good setup, or I'd pass. Part of the deal is getting within shooting range. All I can say is the Venture shoots at least as well as I can, under 1/2 inch at 100 yds, so I'm very satisfied with it.

The M77, as was already stated, may be a victim of poor marksmanship, or poor quality optics, or both. Or maybe there's an issue like the bedding or something. It will definitely kill deer at less than 200, with several deer taken to its credit, just never groups like it should. My oldest likes it so we will see but I plan on working on it some more. I'm in pretty decent shape on the rifles, just not satisfied with that Ruger. I have a rifle for sale in the classifieds, and may get a new rifle if that works out. Now I am gonna get back into my 44 mags :) some. Dusting off a lot of stuff.
They said the Venture was being recalled at Dick's Sporting Goods today :-( Bummer. I just sold a rifle and was gonna get another one. Will have to research and see what's up...
I got the Venture back, without too much hassle. Might improve their communication on what the Eta is. While it was gone on vacation, I installed the Leupold scope off it on the aforementioned M77 Ruger. Lo and Behold! It now shoots quite well. The BSA is now on the Venture, which is in timeout. It will get a chance, but is now behind the 700Sps and M77. The Rem 700 Sps shoots fine, of course. I think I will be able to trust the venture again, but it will have to earn it, next year. If it doesn't shoot well now, the scope is most of the blame, since it did great before.
And I am not ruling out loose mounting on that BSA scope, as Drew said above. The clarity is nowhere near as good as the Leupold's (Vx-II, nothing fancy), but it's okay and my son likes it. And it deserves a 2nd chance..... :)
Well, for posterity's sake, I will finish the thread with- the Venture is back with the BSA scope on it, and it shoots well.

Need to work with it some more but it is good based on shooting today with various reloads. And the BSA scope, although the glass is not as good, seems fine now.
So, its all good now. I just need a spotting scope if I'm gonna shoot this much.....
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