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T/C Venture opinion

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I am looking around some and saw a decent price on a TC Venture bolt-action. I know everyone loves the Savages and Rem 700's. What is the general opinion on the TC Venture? I have a 700 that I like, and a Ruger 77 I don't really like, so I was leaning toward the 700 until I read all the Savage good news. This would be for deer hunting, and I am looking for another 7MM-08.
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TC Venture

My only experience with that rifle is with a friend of mine. His is 30.06 with the synthetic stock. I helped him zero it and was VERY impressed with it. It will easily shoot .5 MOA with remington 165 grain core-lokts. Not very many stock rifles out there that will do that right out of the box.

Sorry about your complaint about the Ruger. It seems to be a common failing in my experience. Keep looking for the right ammunition (brand). Rugers have a reputation of being one round (type) rifles.
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