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T/C Venture opinion

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I am looking around some and saw a decent price on a TC Venture bolt-action. I know everyone loves the Savages and Rem 700's. What is the general opinion on the TC Venture? I have a 700 that I like, and a Ruger 77 I don't really like, so I was leaning toward the 700 until I read all the Savage good news. This would be for deer hunting, and I am looking for another 7MM-08.
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I sighted in one for a buddy and I was impressed with it. It shot moa or better and had a pretty good trigger pull. Also had little recoil in 30-06. I'm not sure what they sell for, because he won this one. A dang good gun for a $25.00 ticket.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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