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T/C Venture opinion

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I am looking around some and saw a decent price on a TC Venture bolt-action. I know everyone loves the Savages and Rem 700's. What is the general opinion on the TC Venture? I have a 700 that I like, and a Ruger 77 I don't really like, so I was leaning toward the 700 until I read all the Savage good news. This would be for deer hunting, and I am looking for another 7MM-08.
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And I am not ruling out loose mounting on that BSA scope, as Drew said above. The clarity is nowhere near as good as the Leupold's (Vx-II, nothing fancy), but it's okay and my son likes it. And it deserves a 2nd chance..... :)
Well, for posterity's sake, I will finish the thread with- the Venture is back with the BSA scope on it, and it shoots well.

Need to work with it some more but it is good based on shooting today with various reloads. And the BSA scope, although the glass is not as good, seems fine now.
So, its all good now. I just need a spotting scope if I'm gonna shoot this much.....
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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