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Tactical HD shotgun ideas and a question

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Once again I am reminded that I know squat about long guns.

As you might know I have a NEF pardner pump 12 ga on the way and my intentions are to make it a tactical HD shotgun (not that it wont be effective in the stock configuration)

I found myself looking for a breacher choke and realised that I have no idea what kind of choke tubes the NEF takes. I have read that you can use remington acessories on it but I am not sure if this applies to the choke tubes as well. Anyone know about this?

Moving on to the Ideas for making my SG tacti-cool.
I plan to add:
reciever mounted shell holder
extended mag tube (+2) as long as it stays shorter than the barrel
breacher improved cylinder choke (once I find out which type to get)
heat shield
barrel (magazine) mounted light
trijicon ghost ring sights

I really dont want to change the stocks on it because I dont like pistol grips and I dont like the looks of the adjustable stocks (they have pistol grips too)

This is going to be a slow "one at a time" process but I will most definantly post pics during progress

Thoughts? Suggestions? I need input because I have no clue what I'm doing :)
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the breecher choke was kind of for the tacticool effect since I am not fond of glocks or ARs I have to get my mall ninja fix somehow. On the other hand, I learned that the shotgun has a fixed choke so I wont be needing a tube for it.

i will most likely let a smith install the sights...unless I get a wild hair (Im sure I would regret that though)
added a sling (Blackhawk) and a light mount (Bryant Armory) I currently only have a maglight mounted on it and I intend to keep a maglight on it, I'm just going to get a LED/pressure switch conversion kit for it. I'm kind of loyal to maglight since my first flashlight as a kid was a maglight and I remember lurking around the inside of the Ole Miss Stadium with it as a kid...sort of nostalgia/brand loyalty i guess

Just have a sidesaddle shell holder and the ghost ring sights to go...wonder if I can "find" a Bryant Armory shellholder?
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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