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Tactical shotgun - medium range defense

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I have an old 870 to which I added a 7 shot magazine tube and 18 1/2 barrel with no choke. The front sight is a bead. This will do anything I need it to. However, I have an itch for an upgraded version. What do you recommend? It seems like every manufacturer has at least one plus a dozen aftermarket outfits - which are worth their salt?

I know that I could upgrade my current gun but once you add side saddles, a new finish, new stocks, new sights, a light mount, etc. you are close to the cost of a new gun - only you still have an old gun. It may be the functional equivalent (or even superior) but it isn't nearly as cool as a new toy, is it?

I don't care b/w pump or semi-auto but it needs to be reasonably affordable ($700-800 max). This will be my medium range gun, taking the place of what most of you might use an AR for. I have a 30.06 for long range, should that ever be needed (seems pretty unlikely). Given my set up, I might need something more powerful than a handgun but probably not out beyond 100 yards. I am not terribly keen on a pistol caliber carbine but am open to suggestions.

I want something that looks like a shotgun though - no Saigas.
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You could always go the short route

Then mount it to your AR
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crossedcannons45 said:
take your $700-800 and get a (H&R) New England Firearms Pardner Protector and with the remaining $500-600 get ammo and tacticool acessories. Dont let the price fool you, its a solid, reliable weapon, you wont be dissappointed (get one before NEF realizes what they have and jack up the price). Plus with 500 clams you can get a lot of goodies for it.
+1 All of the 870 stuff interchanges with the NEF PP except the barrel. Great Shotty for the $$
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