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Tactical shotgun - medium range defense

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I have an old 870 to which I added a 7 shot magazine tube and 18 1/2 barrel with no choke. The front sight is a bead. This will do anything I need it to. However, I have an itch for an upgraded version. What do you recommend? It seems like every manufacturer has at least one plus a dozen aftermarket outfits - which are worth their salt?

I know that I could upgrade my current gun but once you add side saddles, a new finish, new stocks, new sights, a light mount, etc. you are close to the cost of a new gun - only you still have an old gun. It may be the functional equivalent (or even superior) but it isn't nearly as cool as a new toy, is it?

I don't care b/w pump or semi-auto but it needs to be reasonably affordable ($700-800 max). This will be my medium range gun, taking the place of what most of you might use an AR for. I have a 30.06 for long range, should that ever be needed (seems pretty unlikely). Given my set up, I might need something more powerful than a handgun but probably not out beyond 100 yards. I am not terribly keen on a pistol caliber carbine but am open to suggestions.

I want something that looks like a shotgun though - no Saigas.
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Now guys when you say the Knoxx RR stock are we talking the traditional looking stock or the ar pistol grip version?/ Just wandering cause I too would like to upgrade but dont wont nothing that does not have function.....thanks

I also would suggest the Mav88 because price wise it fits the same as the NEF but can use any Mossy 500 barrels and accessories other than forend.....I have been told that even that can be done jus dont know how....
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