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Tactical Solutions X-Ring TD in .22LR, out of Boise Idaho. At its heart it’s a Ruger 10/22. Competition female customer brought it in, with the Barrel, Forend and Barrel Locking Lever Assembly separated, she didn’t take them off, someone else did. She wasn’t exactly sure how to get it back together, so brought it in. Kudos to her!!! 👏👏👍🏻👍🏻👊👊. During the initial assessment, I noticed it was dirty, so I disassembled and ran the internal parts through the sonic cleaner. Scrubbed out the Receiver by hand and dental pick, I didn’t want to take off the C-MORE red dot system. Reassembled the Stock/Receiver parts. Then disassembled the Barrel Locking Lever Assembly to reattach it to the Barrel. No magazine or ammo came in, so no test fire.
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