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Taurus Revolver holster

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So after Lusting after Joe S.' Dan Wesson 744 I've decided I'm going to buy a wheel gun.

I see no since in going down to a .357 when I carry a .45 around every day. So it's .44 mag all the way.

I guess I've decided on the Taurus model 44. I'm kind of torn between 6.5" and 4" sizes right now, I honestly don't know enough about .44 mag ballistics to be knowledgeable about any real difference in ranged accuracy. I've found both for less than 500, NIB from the same dealer I bought my XD through. So it will only be a few weeks to a month before I buy. (Guess I'll trick myself into believing this is my birthday present)

Either way, I'm having a hard time finding a good selection of holsters. I'd like a leather holster, something that covers the entire weapon and does not allow it to lean away from the body. and something I could wear on my waist and cover with a jacket during the cold months. I know I'll probably end up with a nylon holster for vehicle carry, horse back, and trail riding.

Since you fellas have been shooting and carrying a lot longer than I have, I figured I'd bring it up here.
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My XD .45 Compact is my warm/cold weather carry. I can conceal IWB in just a T shirt with that thing.

I'll probably end up with a Galco DAO for carrying like I have in mind. -

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I have indeed thought about an ACP wheel gun.

I guess I'm more interested in the Caliber than the revolver itself. Always wanted a .44 Mag, Not quite sure why, but I just have.

The next .45 I buy will be a 1911, as right now my XD does what I want it to.

That's just the generic image of the DAO pulled from Google. Galco claims it will fit the Taurus, but that is the image they show.

I've found a few lesser known holster companies online. Just depends on what I can get I guess.
What's the fun in that? I could carry 185gr FMJ in my .45 too.... but I wouldn't
I really wanted that D W, but can't seem to find a cost efficient solution to the coating, Joe.
Wow, both links are impressive! Thanks guys.
I had to put the purchase of the Taurus on hold momentarily, I let my other passion get in the way... Cars.

I've wanted this car for a year, it belonged to my neighbor's mother, who lives two houses down and maintained it very well.

$600 and I got a brand new ride.

No worries though, I will still be getting the .44 in due time. I was actually down at Top Dollar pawn last week, I know the owner well, and have a few friends who work there, so wheelin' & dealin' is always a possibility, but they had three or four Taurus .454's in house, the triggers were smooth as glass on all of them. I don't see what people are moaning about....
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I got lucky with this one, it's a '91, has the 4.6L SOHC "modular" engine, and a kick-down cable AOD 4 speed. It's got an open 8.8 rear with I believe 3.23 gears. I am considering removing a limited slip and the 3.55 gears from an explorer, bronco, or mustang and dropping them in for better fuel economy.

I've always been into cars, and I have some plans for this one that I'm sure most of the guys riding around in "big body" cars will disagree with.

Right now, I'm going to try and go with an old rat-rod theme since it's in need of paint, it's going John Deere Blitz Black. And I believe the Cragar series 67 deluxe wheels will set it off nicely.

It should be a pretty KOOL car when I'm finished with it.
Oh no... it'll definitely still ride on 15" wheels with the factory regulated 215/70/R15 tires, and no adjustments to the suspension at all. Just a change of appearance really.
I was enlisted as a 63B but did not undergo the training for maintenancing the M1009 diesel.

Turning wrenches isn't a real hard thing, have a look at this wiki page ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detroit_Diesel_V8_engine ) to learn a little bit, and I would advise joining a forum for help.

Another good site is http://www.msorc.com/forums.php (formerly MS Mud Club), I know a lot of the members, and am a member myself, there are several people on that board with M1009's that could help you trouble shoot it and would be willing to assist you in repairs.

Mind if I ask what kind of issues you're having?
Yeah.... I'm bad about that... Hah, at least it's my thread to do it in
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