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Taurus Revolver holster

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So after Lusting after Joe S.' Dan Wesson 744 I've decided I'm going to buy a wheel gun.

I see no since in going down to a .357 when I carry a .45 around every day. So it's .44 mag all the way.

I guess I've decided on the Taurus model 44. I'm kind of torn between 6.5" and 4" sizes right now, I honestly don't know enough about .44 mag ballistics to be knowledgeable about any real difference in ranged accuracy. I've found both for less than 500, NIB from the same dealer I bought my XD through. So it will only be a few weeks to a month before I buy. (Guess I'll trick myself into believing this is my birthday present)

Either way, I'm having a hard time finding a good selection of holsters. I'd like a leather holster, something that covers the entire weapon and does not allow it to lean away from the body. and something I could wear on my waist and cover with a jacket during the cold months. I know I'll probably end up with a nylon holster for vehicle carry, horse back, and trail riding.

Since you fellas have been shooting and carrying a lot longer than I have, I figured I'd bring it up here.
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James D., Go by Great Southern Firearms in Pearl. They have boxes full of really nice, high quality, name brand leather holsters that are both new and used. I've found some real bargains.
You'll love taurus, they make good revolvers. I just bought a used like new .357 Rossi for $350.00 from Great Southern. It's a stainless pocket gun I use for concealed carry. It's dead on accurate even with a two inch barrel.
Joe S, yeah I practice with .38s, but carry 158 grain sjhp. I started working out with ketlebells a few weeks ago and it strengthens the hands and grip so much, really the whole body, you really don't feel much difference in the magnum loads. If anyone wants to get good cardio while at the same time increase their strength endurance, try swinging a kettlebell.

James D., that's a Lincoln isn't it. SWEET RIDE. Great price. I'm in love with the boxy Lincoln Town Cars from the late '80s. I found a couple, but the people wanted nearly the same price as they paid for them new in the 1980's.
As long as it rides like a luxury car, go for it. I'd keep it away from Jackson. Here, if they can't steal it, they want to play bumper cars with it! Can't wait to get out of here!
James D. You ever worked on a diesel truck engine? I bought a M1009 army blazer last year from a Rea Brothers auction in Pearl. This thing must have set up for a while. I'm going to the poor house trying to keep this old army truck running. What's most maddening is, the stuff I pay mechanics to fix never is fixed right!
I'm no mechanic but I seem to do a better job!

Right now it's electrical. I've put two new heavy duty battery's from walmart in it, had the two alternators re-built twice, new glow plugs, new fuel line, and lubed everything. The volts gauge is in the yellow, instead of green,even though I've checked the battery's and they are fully charged. Maybe the starter is out. It won't start. I think this weekend after I check the fusses again, I'm going to remove and take both alternators and the starter to Graves Auto Electric, have them rebuilt. I'm also going to take this crazy 24 volt crap off so I can buy parts at the local parts store.
I also have to check were the oil and fuel leeks originate from. Lots of work.

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