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Team Magnolia ICORE Match - Saturday, October 15 - The Gator Prep Match

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Team Magnolia ICORE Match
Saturday, October 15
Classic - 6 shot revolver with speed loaders (no moon clips)
Limited 6 - 6 shot with moon clips
Limited - more than 6 shots but no comps or dots
Open - revolver with a comp or dot
Outlaw - any centerfire pistol​

Setup: 6:30 A.M. Please be punctual.
Registration/Check-In closes promptly at 8:30 A.M (earlier if the stages are built).
Late arrivals will be turned away.
Hammer down: 9:00 A.M. (earlier if the stages are built)

Team Magnolia and juniors: $15
Non-members: $25
You can sign up for Team Magnolia at the match for $30.
If you shoot at least 3 matches you break even.
That’s any Team Magnolia ICORE, USPSA, or 3 gun match.

Register here.
Check out the Facebook page for any details or to ask any questions.
Results will be posted to Facebook, MSGO, and Practiscore.

Stage 1 - Dang That’s Far
8 steel
10 paper

Stage Make Ready
Gun loaded and holstered. Toes on X’s, hands at surrender.

Stage Procedure
Engage targets from within the fault lines.

Stage 2 - Any X
6 steel
10 paper

Stage Make Ready
Gun loaded and holstered. Starting on any X, hands at surrender

Stage Procedure
X’s are the shooting areas. Must touch an X with at least one foot while shooting.

Stage 3 - Little Diddle
9 steel
3 paper

Stage Make Ready
Start standing in either shooting box. Gun loaded and holstered. Hands at surrender.

Stage Procedure
Star is shot only from its respective box.​
  • Paper/Steel Array:​
    • Shoot either all the paper or all the poppers, from one side of the wall​
    • Mandatory reload​
    • Shoot whatever you didn’t shoot from the other side of the wall​

Stage 4 - Symmetrical Because Bryon Likes That
14 steel
4 paper

Stage Make Ready
Gun loaded and holstered. Hands on X’s.

Stage Procedure
Engage targets as they become visible.​
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Some good looking stages. Hope I can make it.
Thanks! I worked diligently on them haha.

And I hope you can make it too! It should be fun!

please preregister,

How many times do you run each stage?
About 30 rounds per stage per run?
You'll only run each stage once.

30 would be a good guess per stage. Depends on how many times you're planning on missing steel or of you are going to be taking extra shots.
I dont plan on missing...it justs happens. :)
I miss a lot. It's ok if you do it fast enough
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I told Brooke she could be the new permanent MD but she said no, she would rather me do it.

I'm really glad she got a chance to run a match. In the future, I can focus on stage building and compliance now that I know can rely on her to do the admin side of things.
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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