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Team Magnolia ICORE Match - Saturday, October 15 - The Gator Prep Match

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Team Magnolia ICORE Match
Saturday, October 15
Classic - 6 shot revolver with speed loaders (no moon clips)
Limited 6 - 6 shot with moon clips
Limited - more than 6 shots but no comps or dots
Open - revolver with a comp or dot
Outlaw - any centerfire pistol​

Setup: 6:30 A.M. Please be punctual.
Registration/Check-In closes promptly at 8:30 A.M (earlier if the stages are built).
Late arrivals will be turned away.
Hammer down: 9:00 A.M. (earlier if the stages are built)

Team Magnolia and juniors: $15
Non-members: $25
You can sign up for Team Magnolia at the match for $30.
If you shoot at least 3 matches you break even.
That’s any Team Magnolia ICORE, USPSA, or 3 gun match.

Register here.
Check out the Facebook page for any details or to ask any questions.
Results will be posted to Facebook, MSGO, and Practiscore.

Stage 1 - Dang That’s Far
8 steel
10 paper

Stage Make Ready
Gun loaded and holstered. Toes on X’s, hands at surrender.

Stage Procedure
Engage targets from within the fault lines.

Stage 2 - Any X
6 steel
10 paper

Stage Make Ready
Gun loaded and holstered. Starting on any X, hands at surrender

Stage Procedure
X’s are the shooting areas. Must touch an X with at least one foot while shooting.

Stage 3 - Little Diddle
9 steel
3 paper

Stage Make Ready
Start standing in either shooting box. Gun loaded and holstered. Hands at surrender.

Stage Procedure
Star is shot only from its respective box.​
  • Paper/Steel Array:​
    • Shoot either all the paper or all the poppers, from one side of the wall​
    • Mandatory reload​
    • Shoot whatever you didn’t shoot from the other side of the wall​

Stage 4 - Symmetrical Because Bryon Likes That
14 steel
4 paper

Stage Make Ready
Gun loaded and holstered. Hands on X’s.

Stage Procedure
Engage targets as they become visible.​
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I miss a lot. It's ok if you do it fast enough
Missing is never OK.
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Great match again this week. We are gonna have to get Clayton out of town a little more often.
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