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Team Magnolia ICORE Match
Sunday, September 18
This is the ICORE Annual Postal Match. Which is 4 stages, that if you are an ICORE member and shoot revolver, we will send in your scores to be compared internationally.

If you shoot outlaw, then no, your scores don't go anywhere.


Classic - 6 shot revolver with speed loaders (no moon clips)
Limited 6 - 6 shot with moon clips
Limited - more than 6 shots but no comps or dots
Open - revolver with a comp or dot
Outlaw - any other approved pistol​

Setup: 6 A.M. Please be punctual.
Registration/Check-In closes promptly at 8:30 A.M (earlier if the stages are built).
Late arrivals will be turned away.
Hammer down: 9:00 A.M. (earlier if the stages are built)

Team Magnolia and juniors: $15
Non-members: $25
You can sign up for Team Magnolia at the match for $30.
If you shoot at least 3 matches you break even. That’s any Team Magnolia ICORE, USPSA, and 3Gun.

Register here.
Check out the Facebook page for any details or to ask any questions.
Results will be posted to Facebook, MSGO, and Practiscore.

Stage 1 - PM2

Stage 2 - PM4

Stage 3 - Fun in the Middle
7 paper, 10 steel

Stage Make Ready
Standing on X’s, facing downrange, gun loaded and holstered. Hands at surrender.
Stage Procedure
Engage targets from within the fault lines.

Stage 4 - PM1

Stage 5 - PM3

Clayton Welch
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The four stages required for the Postal Match have been built.

Each shooting position has a barrel next to it so if you would like to put your mags/clips/speedloaders on them to reload from you may. This way you can choose to not wear a belt or to accommodate new shooters who may not have belt rigs.

I will be there at 6am to build a fun stage on the back 40.

We will open registration at 7, it will close at 830, there will be a brief shooter's meeting, and then we will start shooting at 9. Laid back kinda day. Not too terribly many signed up, so we will move quickly and easily.

Here is the link to register.

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I am in. Didn't even realize I didn't register until right now.

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Here are the results for today's match.

Bryan Tullos won the outlaw divison, Bud won Open revo, Jim won classic revo, and Tommy beat Mickey and I.

Fun match with 11 shooters. 4 stages done and put up by 11 was nice. Beat the crowd at the Mexican restaurant.
Clayton, thanks for doing all the work to put on the match. It was fun.
I somehow got home with one of your moon clips. Will give it to you next time at the range.

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