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teflon treatment

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I just wanted to show my Marlin 44MAG off after the teflon treatment in gun metal gray:

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I carried the gun to Richey's in Algoma and the finish is gun metal gray. And I am looking for ghost ring set-up that I can still mount a scope on it. It WOULD make a great home defence gun and IS a great brush gun.
finish is gun metal gray

Richey's gun shop
1947 Macedonia Rd.
Pontotoc, MS 38863

P.S.: they have a "same as cash for 24 months" til May 1st.
:thanks: , I LOVE this little jewel. Every now and then I get the fever for another one, this one looks lonely :cool2g: .
This is a teflon coating in gun metal gray, it cost me $150+tax.
And YES, they do have some good food there.

As for being rough with it, I don't pamper this gun and is almost my truck gun. BUT, if you are refering to the scope, that is a scope that I picked up out of a local pawn/gun shop had a fire. The scope had some kinda rubberize coating that must have gotten a little too hot, did my best to clean it off and not make it worst than it was.
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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