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Depends, I did mine with no problem on my RIA, knocked the rear out of the dovetail, tapped the new in place. My front was staked not dovetailed, broke the old one off with pliers, put the new one in and staked it. Took 20-30 minutes.
If your slide has dovetails it should be easy I would think, knock old ones out, tap new one in. Sometimes the dovetails are tapered slightly and you insert and remove from differnt sides of the slide.

You can always get a sight tool from Browells to do it with too.

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Will_M said:
It depends. Are you going to just replace them with a different set of GI profile sights? Or do you want something else like Novaks or Bo-Mar style target sights?
Probably a different set of GI sights. I don't want to get into machining the slide.
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