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tell me about the FAL

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i've been looking at the FAL online a bit lately, what little information that I can find on it, and price depending, i'd be interesting in getting one. But I was just wondering if anyone on here has any experience with them? or any advice on brands, and such. My brother said he saw one in Great Southern a week or so ago, so when i get home from Southern for the summer I might go have a look then.

i'm thinking the FAL because I've been wanting an "assault rifle"(sounds evil i know), but i'm not really sure the ARs or even the AKs are for me, I've always been one to want something a bit different than the norm, but I can't find out much about them. I'd most likely buy new, if at all possible. I've found DSarms, but i'm not familiar with them, and the price on all models is a bit steep, so if all FALs are that insanely priced then I can go ahead and answer my own question and say that this rifle isnt for me. I'm willing to spend the extra money for a quality rifle, but i'm not a MD either, so I can't pay ridiculous amounts of money for a gun.
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My FAL was built on a Hesse receiver. While I do agree that Hesse receivers are not the best, my FAL has performed well. Plus I got a great deal on it.....

I would buy a metric FAL over an inch FAL. The mags are MUCH cheaper.

fastback65 said:
Hesse receivers were either good or very bad and out of spec. ......... I did not mean to slam your rifle. It is just that the odds will be more in your favor with a DSA or Coonan or Imbel.
Hey, I understand and agree. Yes, it appears I got lucky with my Hesse FAL. Imbel is #1 IMHO.....

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