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tell me about the FAL

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i've been looking at the FAL online a bit lately, what little information that I can find on it, and price depending, i'd be interesting in getting one. But I was just wondering if anyone on here has any experience with them? or any advice on brands, and such. My brother said he saw one in Great Southern a week or so ago, so when i get home from Southern for the summer I might go have a look then.

i'm thinking the FAL because I've been wanting an "assault rifle"(sounds evil i know), but i'm not really sure the ARs or even the AKs are for me, I've always been one to want something a bit different than the norm, but I can't find out much about them. I'd most likely buy new, if at all possible. I've found DSarms, but i'm not familiar with them, and the price on all models is a bit steep, so if all FALs are that insanely priced then I can go ahead and answer my own question and say that this rifle isnt for me. I'm willing to spend the extra money for a quality rifle, but i'm not a MD either, so I can't pay ridiculous amounts of money for a gun.
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I was able to look at a couple beat up used ones at the hattie gun show a couple weeks back, and aside from not being the prettiest conditionwise they felt well made, and just felt good to me. But judging by the prices i've been finding on them i might have to hold off for a while. still would love to hear all advice and opinions on them though
swede62 said:
Methos said:
I can tell you that DSarms is currently on month 14 in delivery of a rifle (stg58) for my buddy, after telling him three months ago that it would be ready in a week.

If business is that good perhaps they should hire some more people and let Obama know about the job increase.

They are either selling guns faster than they can produce them - slowly produce them - or they are hyping a shortage to keep prices high. I have seen new FALs for sale at gun show recently.

Doesn't matter to me, I shoot springfields :tophat:
It took them a year and half to get my reciever to me. I waited on list to get rifle for over a year. That was about 6 or 7 years ago. Demand is high! I think that they should add some more production capacity though.
i highly doubt i'll be willing to wait for that length of time. plus since i'm home for the summer and hopefully able to save some of my money i'll be able to apply for my permit, along with a few other knickknacks i've been waiting for, most of which are motorcycle parts, and the other was a Milt Sparks VM2 for my Compact CDP, which i picked up saturday at the gunshow, only like $5 more than what it would cost from milt sparks, and without the 7month wait, so I said deal, this way whenever I do become legal i wont have to wait on a decent holster. so with all of this a rifle as expensive as an FAL will definitely get pushed off to the backburner for the time being unfortunately
swede62 said:
Which ever way you go a working FAL wonderful rifle. A scoped FAL will generally shoot better than PSL or Drugunov rifle, and serve as good DM rifle IMHO. The right arm of the free world can still serve on, and it's wonderful addition to any collection. I had a Chance at an IMBEL not too long ago for $500 and kick myself for not getting it.
wish i was so lucky to find one for $500. we'll see, they price, time and chance will have to be just right before i can drop the kind of cash for one that a new one runs....i have no luck w/ used firearms so thats out
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