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tell me about the FAL

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i've been looking at the FAL online a bit lately, what little information that I can find on it, and price depending, i'd be interesting in getting one. But I was just wondering if anyone on here has any experience with them? or any advice on brands, and such. My brother said he saw one in Great Southern a week or so ago, so when i get home from Southern for the summer I might go have a look then.

i'm thinking the FAL because I've been wanting an "assault rifle"(sounds evil i know), but i'm not really sure the ARs or even the AKs are for me, I've always been one to want something a bit different than the norm, but I can't find out much about them. I'd most likely buy new, if at all possible. I've found DSarms, but i'm not familiar with them, and the price on all models is a bit steep, so if all FALs are that insanely priced then I can go ahead and answer my own question and say that this rifle isnt for me. I'm willing to spend the extra money for a quality rifle, but i'm not a MD either, so I can't pay ridiculous amounts of money for a gun.
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The FAL is not an assault rifle. It is a main battle rifle and it really shines out past 300 meters. The adjustable gas system allows you to tailor the rifle for almost any ammo. It is NOT a sub MOA rifle but it will get the job done. I have several, read more than I need, and it will be my goto weapon if the S ever hits the fan. It is gentle on brass, unlike HKs and has seen service on every continent. Alas, the days of 200.00 receivers and cheap good condition kits are long gone. Best bet is to get with Mr. Clean, DSA is OK but very slow. Wait times are sometimes in excess of a year. Stay away from anything with a Hesse receiver and in my opinion Entreprise receivers are marginal. Coonan, DSA, and Imbel receivers are the way to go.
Hesse receivers were either good or very bad and out of spec. Virtually any receiver can be made to function, but for a hobbyist/home builder, I would not recommend a Hesse. Hesse, on the other hand, made very good AK receivers. If you have a good running FAL with a Hesse receiver, you got one of the good ones. I did not mean to slam your rifle. It is just that the odds will be more in your favor with a DSA or Coonan or Imbel.
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