Tennesseans nearly split on impact of Parkland students on gun debate, new poll shows

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  1. https://www.commercialappeal.com/st...-parkland-shooting-vanderbilt-poll/615572002/

    During a televised statewide gubernatorial forum Tuesday night, Republican Bill Lee diverged from his competitors in describing the impact the protests led by high school students from Parkland, Florida, have had on the national gun debate.

    Lee, a Williamson County businessman, said the protests have had a "negative" impact, while the rest of the candidates responded “positive" during the forum at Lipscomb University.

    A new Vanderbilt University poll shows Lee has company among Republican voters. The poll found 74 percent of Republicans surveyed said the protests against gun violence have had a negative impact on the gun control debate in the U.S.

    Only 22 percent of Tennessee Republicans believe the protests have had a positive impact. Meanwhile, 82 percent of Democrats said the protests have had a positive impact, and 16 percent said the protests were negative.

    Overall, among Republicans, Democrats and independents, 50 percent of respondents said the protests have had a positive impact on the debate; 47 percent said it was negative.

    “This is common sense: law-abiding citizens should not be punished for the actions of criminals," Lee said in a statement immediately after the forum. "These kids have been through a horrible tragedy. But I’ve been sickened by how the liberal media, the teacher’s unions and the far left lobby have used these kids as props to push their anti-gun agenda.”
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    Just about every "poll" I've seen in the last several years - regardless of the subject - has shown a wide split right down party, and/or racial/religious lines. This one is no different. If anything, the gulf is getting wider.

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    You know that "Sickening" feeling you get when ya hear anything like this on the so called news? We tend to wince up as history repeats. "Student's protest" reminds me of morality protest put on by students in 1939, "Protest" organized, coordinated and executed by the Nazi party.(here we go again for the first time)
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