Thalia Mara Hall & CCW

Discussion in 'Mississippi Concealed Carry' started by blkout, May 14, 2018.

  1. blkout

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    Hey guys any one been to Thalia Mara Hall lately? My daughter has a dance recital there on Saturday evening (wish they found somewhere else to have it like in the past). Not fond of being down there period and for sure not unarmed.

    I looked on Thalia Mara Hall web site and found this:
    "No guns, knives, weapons (even with permit), pepper spray, projectiles of any kind, or any other item that could be used to inflict harm."

    I have the enhanced permit and wondering if anyone knows if there is metal detectors or wands to get in.

  2. GunnyGene

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    Guess you'll have to show up buck nekkid then with your arms and legs tied behind your back. ;):rolleyes:

    Those folks just don't have clue, do they.
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  3. Jarhead5811

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    Hmmm...for me, the real question is: “Do they have metal detectors?”
  4. ThatGuy

    ThatGuy I could only pick one, extra money, or guns.

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  5. ThatGuy

    ThatGuy I could only pick one, extra money, or guns.

    I'd carry it any way.
    If they have metal detectors though you'll be sol.
  6. TheBouncer1111

    TheBouncer1111 Distinguished Poster

    Wear a coat and tie if in the evening. Dress like a politician. It's been at least a year since I attended an event there, but no metal detectors.
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  7. Jarhead5811

    Jarhead5811 Rational Anarchist MSGO Supporter

    Well, then go back to the car and disarm yourself, if you must.
  8. ThatGuy

    ThatGuy I could only pick one, extra money, or guns.

    That's the SOL part.
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  9. jakeg823

    jakeg823 Distinguished Poster

    Been a couple years since I was last there but the answer at the time was no metal detectors.
  10. SLBcmtr

    SLBcmtr Got to get to the cabin

    I've worked the Christmas performances for Ballet Magnificat
    there the last 15+ years. I am security for BMag. I've carried the
    last two years there. In December, there were no signs on the
    doors and there were no metal detectors. I imagine it's up to the
    outfit that rents the Hall as to how much security they want to
    be visible. We always had a JPD police detail which included
    5 or 6 uniformed cops. We've had two incidents and only one
    that I asked the cops to handle ... and they handled it, firmly.

    In all those years, after closing shop after a performance, I have
    never seen anything that could have been suspicious. BUT, my
    timeframe is December.
  11. ER-HI-GU

    ER-HI-GU Distinguished Poster

    Instead of a metal detector that you walk thru, they may use wands instead. If your daughters a minor; performers may go in thru a separate entrance where you can escort your daughter just make sure you already have your ticket.
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  12. Southern Reloading

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    Go online an buy you a fake FBI badge an ID. Walk right in like you somebody. If they ask--flash the ID on them!!! Cause if it's online it's got to be real right!!! LOL

    I'd carry any way.
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  13. NRA_guy

    NRA_guy Distinguished Poster

    So, I need a quick answer BLKOUT:

    Did you already go and if so did they wand you or have a metal detector in place?

    I have to go there today to some event that starts at 6:00 p.m. Probably the same as you.
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  14. jakeg823

    jakeg823 Distinguished Poster

    May want to tag him so he gets a notification so he’s more likely to see it. @blkout
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  15. NRA_guy

    NRA_guy Distinguished Poster

    I am in now. There were no
    wands or metal detectors. There are numerous policemen looking at folks as they come in. CCW would be ok.
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  16. SLBcmtr

    SLBcmtr Got to get to the cabin

    My impression of the cops that work that venue is one of being laid back.
    In the years I was part of the renting venue, I never saw the cops initiate
    any action with patrons attending. I have seen them run homeless guys
    off from the lower entrances just prior to opening the building but that was
    always an hour to 1 1/2 hrs prior to admitting people into the auditorium.
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  17. NRA_guy

    NRA_guy Distinguished Poster

    Well, I survived. Hope I never have to go downtown Jackson again. I encountered no problems whatsoever, but I got out while it was still daylight.