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The Fortress

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Neck brought up a good point. Sometimes Bugging Out is not a wise or viable option. Lets focus this thread on sustaining life in or on your own homestead. What preps have you made? Food, security or otherwise to get you through the "inevitable". Indoor garden anyone? Power options? Como? Toilet paper backstock? post em up!
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captain-03 said:
One of my concerns has always been penetration from incoming rifle rounds - intentional or unintentional. Need a safe reinforced "safe room" when and if the shooting starts. However, there maybe the need to shoot back ... gangs, vandals, and such! Where you gonna shoot from that has sufficient COVER (not concealment) -- all approaches covered?
I'm thinking along the lines of covering windows with something bullet resistant split in the middle to fire from.
What food/ supply will survive a non-climate controlled area like your garage? Would put poison and rat traps all around it. I have some serious shelving. Would they need to be put up in those five gallon screw top buckets with some plastic liner?
I know a lot of us keep stuff in the garage that could easily be broken into with some hooks, chains and a auto/truck. What could you do to make that harder?
Cap't, build your saferoom with access to the attic. Cut holes for 360 degree shooting ports. Camera's could get you to the right one real fast and not use much power. Use subsonic .22's to keep the noise down, drop one or two and they don't know from where, they may find easier pickin's. Course easier picken's will get short and they'll have to come back. I got two brother but a 76 YO mother and MIL so movement won't be easy. Thankfully Mother has a 4 year degree from Tulane Nursing school and spent her time with blood and guts. She's still got PDR's and other books and I got mine. Camper in the back along with their trucks, all filled to go as last resort or a local event like Grand Gulf going off. Outhouse will have to be dug. Hopefully, a lot on the road will kill each other off, gang vs. gang if you will.
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