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The Fortress

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Neck brought up a good point. Sometimes Bugging Out is not a wise or viable option. Lets focus this thread on sustaining life in or on your own homestead. What preps have you made? Food, security or otherwise to get you through the "inevitable". Indoor garden anyone? Power options? Como? Toilet paper backstock? post em up!
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If anything were to ever happen, bugging out would be a bad decision on my part. Have a houseful of food, thousands of rounds of ammo and enough reloading supplies for many more, Coleman lanterns and stoves with plenty of fuel, a pond not 75 yards from the backdoor and a creek not far off, traps for **** and such, plenty of fishing gear, a big wood pile in the shop and wood stove, plenty of family that would show up with their stuff and help out with things...brother-in-law grows a huge garden every year too and they are only a mile away if they chose to stay where they're at. Yep...staying where I'm at.
Scrap steel, railroad ties and sand bags under every window is my game plan. Everything is on hand and wouldn't take long to throw together.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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