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The Fortress

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Neck brought up a good point. Sometimes Bugging Out is not a wise or viable option. Lets focus this thread on sustaining life in or on your own homestead. What preps have you made? Food, security or otherwise to get you through the "inevitable". Indoor garden anyone? Power options? Como? Toilet paper backstock? post em up!
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Its gonna be pretty hard to take a modern house and make a fortress...almost impossible I'd say without considerable expense...Unless u build it that way from the beginning...and this is not something normally done by those of us living in the "burbs"....now maybe in the country its a whole different matter

If you make a safe room...you will not be able to watch your perimeter...

If its getting that bad...its time to haul ass
how about a link on them safe doors for the interior...I'm guessing
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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