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The Green Monster (caution it's Glock)

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I had CalebC & JJacobs Duracoat one for me and it is pretty darn nice. Here are a couple pics for your viewing. Its a Glock 22 w/LWD .357sig Barrel ext/comp.

Pics taken w/ cell phone............
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I do like it Capt'
It ain't that typical OD (so they say) from the factory. I just wanted to see something different. Those guys are doing a rifle for me now. Wait til that thing come back.........
BigSig's daughter wants a pink one and maybe on day she can get one, but G1D won't be having one. Orange maybe, but never pink.
Thanks CalebC for not telling about the rifle. It's gonna be an eye-catcher for sure. Lol.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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