The Mississippi Firearm Overview Class

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  1. The Mississippi Firearm Overview Class

    1 to 2 hour course that covers current Mississippi law for open carry, permit less carry, permit carry, enhanced permit Carry, church security teams and justifiable homicide. Excellent refresher course for those with permits. For those without it will provide great information for you to decide whether obtaining a permit is right for you. Group rates available for churches, businesses, associations and civic groups. This course uses “The Mississippi Firearms Law Overview” video featuring Stephen Stamboulieh attorney-at-law this refresher course does not qualify students for the enhanced endorsement to the Mississippi firearms permit. Contact or call 601-942-5505

    Green Gate Outdoors LLC

    Price is 40 dollars

    Seating is limited

    Class will be in the Byram area.

    Class is February 8th, 2018, 6pm-8pm

    Don’t think you know the law, KNOW the law.
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    Just caught this thread. Kinda out of my area, but sounds like it might have been of interest.
    The Jackson county Sheriff Ezzell & Dist. ATTR. along with a Sheriff Dept Lt. Gave a church security confab with a question/ answer session.
    Hope it turned out well.
  3. We still have seats available if you know of anyone interested ! It is very informative !
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