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The New ******* Muzzleloader

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Back 20 years ago when I went hunting with a muzzleloader you had to pour the powder down the barrel, then stuff the primer, then jab a ball down the barrel. If you were lucky the cap would ignite the powder pretty soon after you pulled the trigger. I just got a new ******* muzzleloader. I found out we can use a .35 Whelen and call it a primitive weapon. As bad a shot as I am it is pretty easy to group 3 consecutive shots in a 2" circle at 100 yards. I love my new primitive weapon!

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I can remember when you needed a suitcase to carry everything you needed with a muzzle loader. Then you just hoped it would fire when it was supposed to!
I hunt with a Handi Rifle in 45-70 and it sure is simpler.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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