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The Official MSGO cleaner/lubricant thread

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I have seen these subjects debated to great lengths (beat to death) on other forums so I thought that my "home" forum could use a thread about it, kind of a rite of passage for the forum of sorts.

In my internet travels, I have read about people cleaning thier guns with everything from Hoppe's to brake cleaner and lubing it with everything ranging from Outer's to bacon grease (yup!) to 10w 30 synthetic motor oil. I personally use Hoppe's but I have some brake cleaner and Mobil 1 on standby for when I'm feeling brave.

What do you guys (and gals) use for care and feeding and why?
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Dang! Ya'lls high-line. I'm a scrounger and coupon king... at least when it comes to gun cleanin' and lubing.

For lead fouling, I use Chore-boy scouring pads, with or without steel--I used the copper-coated CB pads before I found out they'd changed over from pure copper, and after I found out they were coating steel mesh with copper, I inspected my barrels and compared them and see no difference whatsoever. No more of those time-consuming swap-outs of expensive Lewis Lead Remover mesh screens. $2 worth of Chore Boy pads last 4-5 years. I just cut a little of the CB and wrap it around an old worn out bore brush and scrub back and forth til the barrel's warm. That usually does it--40 seconds, tops. Beat that with the Lewis Lead system.

For copper fouling, I pay the freight and use Hoppe's.

For everything else, I clean with Ed's Red. It's cheeep (that's my middle name), and I've usually got all the ingredients lying around in the garage. Here's the recipe:

1 part ATF (Dexron II, IIe or III, it doesn't matter)

1 part Kerosene

1 part Mineral Spirits

1 part Acetone (I don't use this--it's recommended as an ingredient when scouring shotgun barrels for plastic wad fouling)

I just store it in a plastic squirt bottle--if you add the acetone, you'll have to store it in a metal container--the acetone will eventually eat through plastic, and you'll have one helluva mess (aside from ruining whatever table etc you're storing it on).

For lubricant, Mobil One 20-50w because that's what I had layin' around. 10-30's okay, too, but the 20-50's less viscous. For fast moving parts where oil-slinging is a concern, I add a dab of Lubriplate and slush the two together. I've had a one-cup tin of Lubriplate since 1978. I'm about 1/2-way through it.

The great thing about Mobil One is, all I really need is "what's left in the bottle" after I pour the rest into an engine. I just stack up the containers upside down for a couple days to harvest my gun lube. Same for the Ed's Red ATF--there's always a extra 1/2 pint fresh ATF leftover after my tranny changes.
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