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The Official MSGO cleaner/lubricant thread

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I have seen these subjects debated to great lengths (beat to death) on other forums so I thought that my "home" forum could use a thread about it, kind of a rite of passage for the forum of sorts.

In my internet travels, I have read about people cleaning thier guns with everything from Hoppe's to brake cleaner and lubing it with everything ranging from Outer's to bacon grease (yup!) to 10w 30 synthetic motor oil. I personally use Hoppe's but I have some brake cleaner and Mobil 1 on standby for when I'm feeling brave.

What do you guys (and gals) use for care and feeding and why?
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I used to work with a guy who was a cavalry scout and worked alot with EOD and special forces in Iraq and he liked to tell stories ( I cant vouch for the accuracy being 100% but they were interesting) and I liked to listen to them so we got along rather well. Anyway he said that while they were out one day they ended up with seizing a weapons cache but upon further inspection the guns were rusted so bad they may as well have been welded together but they took them to the armorer anyway and he couldnt do anything with them and disposed of most of them except for a 50 cal that this guy insisted on keeping so he took it and went to wherever they maintain the vehicles and found a 50 gallon drum of used motor oil and put said weapon in it and applied heat for about 6 hours and then just let it sit for a few days, at the end of this story he produced a picture of him on a humvee manning a 50 cal and informed me that the gun in the pic was the oil soaked weapon. I think I might get an old beater 1911 and try this method of lubing one day to see if it works, it sounds reasonable if you just let it drain out really good before you carry it and of course take the stocks off of it before bathing it in old motor oil
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