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The Official MSGO cleaner/lubricant thread

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I have seen these subjects debated to great lengths (beat to death) on other forums so I thought that my "home" forum could use a thread about it, kind of a rite of passage for the forum of sorts.

In my internet travels, I have read about people cleaning thier guns with everything from Hoppe's to brake cleaner and lubing it with everything ranging from Outer's to bacon grease (yup!) to 10w 30 synthetic motor oil. I personally use Hoppe's but I have some brake cleaner and Mobil 1 on standby for when I'm feeling brave.

What do you guys (and gals) use for care and feeding and why?
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I like Remoil for applying a light coat in hard to get to areas. Otherwise I use Bob Marvels oil. It's my new favorite. The Outers brand isn't bad either for the price.

For cleaning I use Hoppes, Outers, or whatever is closest to me. I'm not too picky about solvents like I am oils. I clean my guns a lot, so it usually doesn't take much scrubbing. I usually buy whatever is on sale.

Brakefree CLP is a staple item. Many many uses.
I'm going to have to try the Gunzilla.

I have to go outside with the Brakefree, stinks too bad for me. No problem with the wife when cleaning guns inside, though. She actually likes the smell of gun cleaners and oils.

Where have you guys been getting the Gunzilla? Is it as good as Brakefree, but without the smell?
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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