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The Official MSGO cleaner/lubricant thread

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I have seen these subjects debated to great lengths (beat to death) on other forums so I thought that my "home" forum could use a thread about it, kind of a rite of passage for the forum of sorts.

In my internet travels, I have read about people cleaning thier guns with everything from Hoppe's to brake cleaner and lubing it with everything ranging from Outer's to bacon grease (yup!) to 10w 30 synthetic motor oil. I personally use Hoppe's but I have some brake cleaner and Mobil 1 on standby for when I'm feeling brave.

What do you guys (and gals) use for care and feeding and why?
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Been using the MPro7(No smell) for almost 9 months now after years of Hoppes#9 and my old favorite Shooters Choice. Always use Break-Free CLP unless I use old bottle of Outers for a lighter oil(Ruger MkII Target). With stainless steel needing more lube I find the Break-Free has an un-noticeable 'build-up' that protects and the usual 3-4 days before oil evaporates (typical) takes longer once Break-Free gets into the metal. It's the original Slick-50 and better quality. Yes, I have used brake-cleaner and other oils in past (Remingtons' Dry Lube spray-didn't like the way some gun-parts moved).
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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