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The Official MSGO cleaner/lubricant thread

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I have seen these subjects debated to great lengths (beat to death) on other forums so I thought that my "home" forum could use a thread about it, kind of a rite of passage for the forum of sorts.

In my internet travels, I have read about people cleaning thier guns with everything from Hoppe's to brake cleaner and lubing it with everything ranging from Outer's to bacon grease (yup!) to 10w 30 synthetic motor oil. I personally use Hoppe's but I have some brake cleaner and Mobil 1 on standby for when I'm feeling brave.

What do you guys (and gals) use for care and feeding and why?
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I like the ol' Hoppes #9 and RemOil, and also Break Free clp
But think I'm about to order some Gunzilla to try out..... since everyone is raving about it!
Gunzilla for cleaning.

Brian Enos's slide-glide for lubrication. The "light" variety for all my guns. LOVE it.
I've been using MPro7 for the last 12 years after then using CLP and several fragrant cleaners. MPro7 lets me clean indoors and seems like the best for removing carbon deposits. I'll still use Sweets 7.62, Butch's Bore Shine but I start with the odorless stuff first. For lube it's Tetra oil/grease, Rem Oil for light stuff, TW25 for heavy use guns/actions. I'd like to see an good research study on real world lube/grease or cleaner especially with todays new solvents.
Who has ever cleaned a gun with a waterhose???
Well more like used it to wash the mud and grit off it?

Then you really gotta clean it :D

I use Remoil, Breakfree CLP, Sweets 7.62, Militec 1 and their grease which is awesome, i picked up some hoppes #9 and leave the top off while im reloading some bullets :suspect:

Never had a problem with any of that stuff so its what i use.
Some of that Militec1 grease in an AR bolt and it turns it into a smooth action. Doesnt attract much dust or grit either.
I use warming KY oil so the first shot isn't "cold bore"
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Leland1 said:
I use warming KY oil so the first shot isn't "cold bore"
Did not need to know that
i use all military issue gun oil. I have bottles upon bottles of it!!! Has worked great for me. :lol4:
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