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If any member of the community sins unintentionally and does what is forbidden in any of the LORD’S commands, when they realize their guilt and the sin they have committed becomes known, they must bring as their offering for the sin they committed a female goat without defect.
Leviticus 4:27 – 28

We often forget that the Israelite worship center was a slaughterhouse. It was a place where birds were torn apart with bare hands, where the plunge of knives turned livestock into dead-stock, where blood flowed in trenches and the odor of charred flesh filled the nostrils of worshipers. Death was ever present in the house of God — a reminder of the consequences of sin.

We are spared the necessity of this blood sacrifice because of Jesus Christ. His death on the cross paid the penalty due for our sin. Nothing we do adds to the sacrifice Jesus paid for our sin. We are accepted by God because of Jesus’ death. It is the only sacrifice that pays for our sin.

God chose to let his own Son pay the penalty for our sin so that we could have a restored relationship with him that is not contingent on a continual sacrifice. We are freed not only by the blood, but from the blood. We have a free relationship with God that allows us anytime access to God. Take time today to thank God for this indescribable gift!

Lord, thank you for the gift of your sacrifice for my sin …

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