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The Scarecrow was packing!!!

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Decided to record The Wizard of Oz tonight for the kids so I was watching it since it is one of my fav movies. Well while I was watching it I noticed what looked like a gun in the Scarecrow's hand. So I backed it up and watched that part again and sure enough the Scarecrow was packing a revolver or what was supposed to look like a revolver. I'm sorry I think that's just freaking awesome that the Scarecrow was packing through the dark forest.
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have watched that movie coutless times over the years and never knew! I will look it up!!
shoeshooter said:
I still have bad dreams about those evil flying monkeys. :|
Yep - them there monkeys are some bad fellows ... I usually see 'em after after having a few words with 'ol Mr. Jack Daniels - Black Label ...
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