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The Scarecrow was packing!!!

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Decided to record The Wizard of Oz tonight for the kids so I was watching it since it is one of my fav movies. Well while I was watching it I noticed what looked like a gun in the Scarecrow's hand. So I backed it up and watched that part again and sure enough the Scarecrow was packing a revolver or what was supposed to look like a revolver. I'm sorry I think that's just freaking awesome that the Scarecrow was packing through the dark forest.
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Them monkeys are messed up! They are enough to make anyone wanna carry a side arm for self defense. To bad the Scarecrow didnt have the brains to use the gun on the stupid whitch then maybe they wouldn't have had so much trouble getting that broom.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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