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the smokies!! several pics

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the wife and i went with a couple friends last week to the smokies for a few days away. we had a cabin in cosby, tn and got some hiking in one day and some shopping and sightseeing in the other days. also had some good eats at local eateries. it was a great time. cosby is near gatlinburg and has some nice spots for anything you like to do outdoors.

here is the view off our front porch from the hot tub

more views from cosby

saturday morning view of our truck

view from the foothills pky, a 6 mile scenic road thru the mountains

we rode into gatlinburg and pigeonforge and did a little sightseeing. we spent a few hours in smokey mountain knife works, and saw some other neat sights...

this is the titanic... a museum built to i swear the actual size of the boat. traffic was bad so we couldnt get a better pic

sunday we did some hiking and came into snow on the trail

thats enough for now...
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Beautiful! My family and I went on a vacation up to Gatlinburg a few months ago. Love the mountains!

There is a steakhouse on one of the main roads in Gatlinburg (the one that goes off to the left at the Exxon right when you come into town from PF) that is posted banning weapons. My wife wanted steak so I went and picked it up, and while there I left a comment card telling them that because of their stance on concealed carry I wouldn't be back. Whats ironic is that it was western themed and had guns up on the walls. The steak wasn't even that good. haha

I'd live up there if I could find work! Beautiful part of the country.

The Titanic museum is kinda pricey but worth every penny. The famous naked scene from the movie was filmed there because it was a better set than the hollywood people could build. they have a full scale model of the grand staircase, artifacts from the wreckage, and part of a real glacier you can feel. At the beginning they give you a boarding pass with a passenger or crewmembers name, and at the end you find out if you live or die. Well worth the money.

There is also an indoor skydiving place, also worth the money.
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