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The value of bouncing casting problems off other members

Discussion in '"Boolit" Casting' started by Ellis93, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. Ellis93

    Ellis93 Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    is invaluable!
    During the M&G at Randy's,Subgunfan and I had an in depth conversation about his 00 buck mold and how he cast with it.....temp,mix lead,and speed. All of which did not match up with how I was running my mold and the issues I was having. Was,being the operative word.
    In our discussion over the mold,I described how I was basically have to set the pots temp to nuclear and have a corner of the mold over in the mix to get one ,and only one,decent pour with filled out balls. Nothing at all like my 000 buck mold works. If fills like nothing else I have to cast projectiles with. Very easy to use,with little fussing on part of the mold.

    So.....armed with the knowledge of how someone else's runs and how my 000 runs,I set down this afternoon and compared the two molds.
    And that's when I seen the issue. The vent grooves between the two were off. Not buy much....barely detectable by eye but enough that with a fingernail hanging on them,the "felt" resistance was different. Also found some crud inside of the shallow vent lines as well. That had to have gotten into them while casting before,because before this thing ever met the first pouring it was scrubbed in brake clean and with a stiff brush.
    The repair came in the form of a kershaw pocket knife,time and some more brake clean. I traced each line out with the knife point and carefully. As I wanted no lasting damage to the mold halves faces nor myself. I keep a super sharp knife.....don't know anything else.

    After digging at the lines for over an hour I was satisfied that they were at least as deep as the other molds and cleaned/reassembled the mold. While waiting on the lead pot to heat up I lubed the mold up with spray graphite,on the spruce plate and hing points.
    That's right.....graphite,if you try it,you will like it. No sticking oily mess burning off your mold,and making the surrounding area smell like a tug boat engine room.

    Anywho.....once to temp I get 100% fill out at 700* vs the max temp of the pot. Also no dipping the molds corner in the pot to bring it up to temp. Just pour,cut,dump....repeat.

    As always I appreciate the help Subgunfan!
  2. SubGunFan

    SubGunFan Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Glad you found the problem that Shirley didn't catch. That mold would have never cast good with messed up vents.

  3. Ellis93

    Ellis93 Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    No it wouldn't.
    Can't really blame Shirley too much on this one issue. It "looked" right to me at the time I unboxed it.....:oops:
    I kid you not.....I cast more pellets in 15mins last light than I have at anytime since owning it.